Bothra Creations is the brainchild of Mr. Nitin Bothra, the Founder and Managing Director. With a modest beginning, the company embarked on a journey to offer contemporary apparel designs for girls aged between 1 and 5 years under the brand name, Little Dolly. Today, we have expanded our operations and shifted our production unit to a 30,000 sq. ft. premise with a production capacity of 1000 pieces per day. Innovation, excellence and honesty are the cornerstones of our company. We started small, but aimed big. It is in line with our vision to emerge into a global leader in the kids' apparel manufacturing industry. We are committed to offering superior quality apparel designs for kids in Indian and International markets. Creating customer delight is at the heart of every initiative we undertake. A happy customer base of over 1000 bears a testimony to our exceptional apparel designs. We believe in 'One Team One Family' philosophy. Our employees are the driving force behind our growth story. When we started out, our team size was just 5 members. And today, our family has grown to 100 employees. We have established our footprints all over India including Indore, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Gwalior. Further, we have also established a strong presence in International markets in Dubai and Oman through our network of agents and distributors. Going forward, we are confident of realizing our collective dream of becoming one of the leading global kids' apparel manufacturing companies.

To become a global leader in kids’ apparel through innovation and excellence.

For our clients – We will provide innovative, superior-value and best-quality products. We will help our clients to achieve the business results they seek.
For us – To become a world class kids' apparel manufacturing firm. By leading the industry in thought and innovation, we will create value for our clients and exciting growth opportunities for our people and company.

We strive to and have consistently exceeded customer expectations on all fronts – Product Development, Design Innovation & Quality Assurance. “Best” is not our benchmark, instead to do “Better than Best” is our goal, and to provide “The Best of The Best” is our promise to our customers.

The 4 Fs That Make Us Fantastic!

Since kids' apparel manufacturing is a challenging task, especially in the age group of 1 to 5 years, care is taken to be simple yet fashionable, so that kids look modern and cute when they wear what we create.
  • 1

    We believe that a dress is not complete until it's fashionable, Just wearing something for the sake of wearing it doesn't work out. So we can make sure that our apparels are so fashionable that when kids wearit, they feel sweet, cute and adorable.

  • 2

    The fabric should be of a very good quality, so that when the kids wear it, they feel comfortable and easy. When it comes to kids' garments, they should be soft and smooth so that no itching or irritation occurs. So, it is very important to take care of what kind of material is used for their clothing.

  • 3

    Fitting makes sure how kids feel and look. Right fitting is the most important part. It should not be too big or too small, otherwise the clothing would feel borrowed from someone else. All parents want their child to look sweet, so they won't settle for ill-fitting clothes.

  • 4

    When the right fabric is selected, and made to wear, it is important that the finishing should be perfect. If it is not, it would look like a job half-done. If there is something like loose threads, it may turn out to be a disaster. So, finishing in a proper way is never taken lightly, and is seen through all the way.

We strive to and have consistently exceeded customer expectations on all fronts – Product Development, Design Innovation & Quality Assurance. “Best” is not our benchmark, instead of to do “Better than Best” is our goal, and to provide “The Best of The Best” is our promise to our customers.


Little Dolly started in the year 1996, and hasn't looked back ever since. Our focus on quality, meticulousness and perfect production techniques makes us the numero-uno in the girl child apparel between 1 and 5 years. Our specific focus on designing through our dedicated and experienced team helped us come up with the most unique and beautiful designs, loved by one and all. We have been catering to both national and international markets and our creative and signature touch has made sure that we conquer the international market too.


At Little Dolly, our Ultimate selling Point is our quirky and unique designs. We put a lot of efforts, and invest a lot in our designs. It is the design that makes all the difference. It is the designs that get noticed in the crowd. It is the designs that speak volumes. Our creative team makes sure that we provide the best possible designs. Our designers meet the latest fashion and trends design which fulfill the desires of our customers, and in turn they enjoy the wit present in the designs.


We use the best practices in manufacturing because we have in-depth knowledge and expertise from raw materials to garment, and our experience in technology, skilled manpower and quality systems are at par with international standards. Whatever elements we put into the garments are selected with a keen eye and careful consideration. We believe in being innovative, creative and tech-driven.

We produce
5 lakhs unit
every year.

Mr. Nitin Bothra

Founder and Managing Director
Mr. Nitin Bothra is the Founder and Managing Director of Bothra Creations. He epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit of a visionary with his artistic and future-ready approach. Like all visionary entrepreneurs, he is a firm decision-maker with a hands-on leadership style. It is said that a journey to greatness begins with a small, significant step. Mr. Nitin Bothra took his first important step 22 years ago with the inception of Bothra Creations. He started small, operating out of Indore with just 4 production machines.
Today, he has set up his production facility in a 30,000 sq. ft. premise in Indore. But the journey that he embarked on was not easy. He faced many challenges along the way. His biggest challenge was to shift his focus from traditional market to the industrial market. Fuelled by his entrepreneurial zest and creative acumen, Bothra Creations went international with his brand, Little Dolly. It is in line with his vision to become a global leader in kids’ apparel manufacturing industry. Today, Little Dolly enjoys a strong presence across all major cities of India including Indore, Delhi, Jaipur and Gwalior except Northeast. Now his immediate business objective is to setup a head office in Mumbai and have a dedicated mobile app to widen their reach.
Further, Bothra Creations has also established an overseas presence in the Middle East, in Dubai and Oman, through a strong network of agents and distributors. Mr. Nitin Bothra is a dynamic and intuitive entrepreneur committed to take his dream venture to the next level. His family has been instrumental in his rise as a new-age creative entrepreneur. He looks up to his father and uncles as role models in business. When he is not busy spearheading the growth of his company, he spends his time-off with family and friends. He is also keen to learn swimming and develop communications skills. Bothra Creations’ future looks promising as it is gathering the steam. Come, be a part of its glorious journey.